NAFSA Meetings

NAFSA meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 5:30 pm. 
For more information, email Dr. Justin Quetone Moss

Scholarship Awardee Community Service Requirement

The purpose of the cultural and community involvement requirement is to encourage students to connect with the Native American community on the OSU campus and to become involved with the OSU Native American student organizations such as the OSU Native American Student Association (NASA), OSU American Indians in Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Native Americans in Psychology, or similar groups. For more information about how to become involved, contact the OSU Center for Sovereign Nations at 104 LSE or Students can complete a total of 10 hours of community involvement/service each semester (5 hours of Native American cultural and 5 hours of community service). Students may use the form to document/verify their service hours.

Click the image below to view the NAFSA Cultural and Community Service form:

community service form thumbnail